Singing Angel Wing Quartz Cluster

Giant Singing Angel Wing Quartz Crystal Cluster

Giant Singing Angel Wing Quartz Crystal Cluster

In November of 2016 I began my search for the perfect showpiece for my store.  After contacting dealers and mines all over the world, I stumbled across an ad from a small family owned mine in Arkansas.

I contacted them to see if they had a larger show piece, and the first gentleman that I spoke with told me that he didn’t believe that they did, but said to contact his son who was at the mine at that moment.

I called his son. He informed me that they had just discovered an amazing piece less than two hours before I called. He said that he would text me pictures of it right away.

(still at the mine)

BEFORE CLEANING Giant Singing Angel Wing Quartz Crystal Cluster

THE DECISION: So after seeing the pictures, and after over a month of searching the world for the perfect piece, I had finally found it… THE ONE!  Then I had to wait nearly two more weeks for it to go through the cleaning process. I was blown away with how unbelievably beautiful it had turned out!

Right out of the mine

It had only been sprayed off with water

Freshly Cleaned

Still at the mine

THE MOMENT of TRUTH: Being a person who likes to buy in person (vs online or on the phone) this was a huge leap of faith!  The day it arrived at our store, I was actually nervous to open the crate.  When we unpacked it I almost cried.  I hadn’t realized that it was in the shape of angel wings until that moment.  Then as I began to inspect it further I discovered even more unbelievable traits to our new showpiece.  It had rainbows and flowering clusters of quartz points, master healing points, tabulars, double terminated points, and above all…natural pyramid shaped record keepers throughout the entire cluster!  And along with that some of the crystal points were singers!


These small triangle shaped etchings are natural and found in countless areas on this cluster!

Extra Large Giant Singing Angel Wing Quartz Crystal Cluster with Record Keepers Height

One SERIOUSLY LARGE Crystal Specimen Showpiece!!!

On it’s stand, it measures about 64″ (162.5 cm) Tall
Alone it stands about 46″ (117 cm) Tall
The wings stretch about 32″ (81 cm) Wide
One of the largest Crystal Points is about 14″ (35.5 cm) Long

I am not exactly sure of the weight, as it has never been formally weighed. When it was shipped to me the shipping weight (including crate, packing, stand and specimen) came to about 800 lbs (363 kg)

Extra Large Giant Singing Angel Wing Quartz Crystal Cluster with Record Keepers Width